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1x1 Coaching Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying

Rachel challenges you to make your life a masterpiece in a serene manner. She makes you reflect deeply with relevant questions which challenges you for a long lasting time ahead. She brought structure in my life, taught me to ‘walk my talk’, made my limiting beliefs conscious and actively worked on releasing them with mental techniques. Working on the Energy Leadership Report initiated a deep realisation and relationship with whom I am and how to navigate life in a powerful way. I have learned techniques to train my mind and body so that my strongest emotions and characteristics are as natural as my breathing. Thanks to Rachel’s communication skills and tools, I have gained new perspectives to take my life to the next level with methods to use the opportunities around me. Speaking to Rachel feels like family, I discovered an inspiring sense of life that gives more meaning to everything I do. She works great with people who want to dive deep into themselves and are thirsty for knowledge. I am very grateful to have had the chance to work with such an inspiring woman. You will unquestionably be inspired to become the best version of yourself.


"I was afraid I would not be able to find a big goal to set for myself. I was afraid that without such a goal, I wouldn’t go “far enough”. Rachel’s coaching and exercises helped me realise my own strengths, and it freed me from my fear. I am not looking at what I had in the past anymore and trying to reproduce it, I am ready to move forward with confidence in my ability to make good choices that will comply with my values."


"My goals felt lofty and abstract, focused on trying to build internal confidence and self-worth which required undoing 35 years of internal stories and habits that continued to be pervasive, even after working with seven different therapists. This is what I love about coaching - it isn't just about talking about your past to understand why you're this way. It's about understanding what's driving your thoughts and beliefs, and gaining the tools to slowly dismantle them so you can build new ones in its place. That's what Rachel helped me with. I was skeptical anyone could help me or that I could break these habits, but one morning I woke to an audio message from Rachel...I'll never forget that morning and that moment because it was when things changed for me... a quiet moment where Rachel helped change my life...That's what coaching with Rachel is like... it feels like a casual friendly conversation with a friend, yet you don't realize until after that she's changing your life in seemingly simple yet incredibly powerful ways."


"Rachel is a wonderful coach. She coached me for around 3 months and over the course of that time I had a fantastic experience. Lots of shifts and breakthroughs. Rachel is a powerful and caring coach. I felt super supported and she has a beautiful way of connecting, supporting and empowering people. Her ability to connect and to empower to action is impressive. She has an amazing energy and vibrancy. She is super open and accepting. Rachel truly is a beautiful soul."


"Working with Rachel helped me process the things in life that have really beautiful nuggets of wisdom that can't be found with just a regular conversation with a friend. Anytime a conversation or moment happened that just didn't sit well with me, I'd know that I could really grapple with it with Rachel. I recently got into a large conflict with a family member and was able to set boundaries that felt true to me while also leaving room for that relationship to evolve - without Rachel's coaching for the past year, I might have lost that relationship or even myself in maintaining it."


"Rachel has helped me come to a few eye-opening and self-affirming realisations about myself. She has helped me draw upon effective mental tools that have built my inner confidence and diminished my reliance on external validation. I have started to feel an incredible sense of independence following our sessions - a sense that I can rely on myself completely."


Speaking & Facilitation Testimonials

What Attendees Are Saying


“That was so wonderful. I left with an entirely new perspective on the last year and coming months. As eager as I was to participate in this session, I was also nervous. When I've attended similar events in the past I've left feeling kinda defeated and overwhelmed. After your session, I feel like I have control over more in my life than I realized...I learned so much from your exercises and approach...I'm grateful to you and to the tools you shared today. I needed this, I'm sure we all did.” - Betsy, Strategy Consultant

“I so enjoyed your workshop, felt the concepts to be accessible, useful, timely and relevant (yes, all of it!) and weeks after participating, find myself noticing and acknowledging progress toward my goal in ways that frankly, surprise me (because I'm not great at celebrating everyday wins, but I'm working on it!). I love how you introduced that XXX [redacted as to not spoil the magic] (mine is "connection" for 2021) has allowed me to notice and celebrate(!) ordinary - and extraordinary - moments of connection these last 2 weeks - and is making me feel confident and excited to continue that habit... Anyway, I dedicate the joy and pride (from me!) in this photo to you - for reframing how I think about goals.” - Natasha, L&D Program Manager

“I told my fiance about all of it right after and he was like, “I haven't seen you so excited about achieving things in a while” -- so, take that as proof that you did a truly wonderful job facilitating, energizing, digging into things that resonated for me, and generally making a real impact in the span of just sixty minutes!...I enjoyed your energy and approach SO much!” - Audrey, Communications Manager

"Thank you for this training. It was honestly one of the most useful I've attended in the last 10 years at Google" - Rachel, Strategist

“I absolutely LOVED your New Years Evolutions workshop this morning!! It was fantastic!! The exercises helped me figure out a more holistic approach to tackling my ongoing goal of feeling more comfortable public speaking...I really enjoyed the interactive element...I found the breakout room session very effective to be able to practice the exercise out loud with another person in a comfortable 1:1 setting...I think your coaching style is very effective and would be so excited for you to do a workshop/talk again” - Laura, Global Threat Analyst

“The framework is really eye-opening and thought-provoking and your presentation is outstanding. You inspire me to improve” - Rebecca, Program Manager

"Investment in your goals directly translates to investment in your career... By using this approach you can work towards avoiding burnout and swirl as you progress in your career so that you're working on the achievements that really matter to you and where you might be able to achieve your best” - Anonymous


"Rachel is a coach who brings a lot of positive energy to the table. This coupled with a twist to the way a boring and drab CV is written and presented is a show stopper. Her whole concept of bringing one's core values to an interview to evaluate whether the organization is a right fit as well is absolutely relevant in today's world where workplace cultures are fast evolving." - Vikram

"Fantastic workshop that has triggered so much energy and inspiration to my career development. It reinforced the key point that knowing and be able to share with people who you really are, can be so powerful when landing key messages and networking. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who finds talking about themselves authentically challenging or wants to develop in this area" - Chris

"Rachel is really energetic and inspiring. Her approach opens up new perspectives in a world where many of us are considering transitions and wanting to connect beyond our usual circles. Really refreshing to hear about connecting business and personal life through what makes us unique and unified."- Elodie

"I thoroughly enjoyed Rachel's workshop. She's passionate about people and committed to seeing you grow. The workshop was full of useful tips on how to groom my better self and talk engagingly about my core values. As I have been working on becoming better and better at listening, a task that takes a lot of practice and focus, I found Rachel's ideas on listening very insightful." - Motunrayo

"Rachel is the one to go with! She will take you where you want to be." - Anonymous

"Insightful, leading you to self reflect on who you are and how you fit in your own story, such as you can empower yourself to better present and engage others in your work life story!" - Eric


"I wanted to extend a massive thank you to you for your incredible, “energetic” session yesterday. You held the audience for the full 90 minutes including our CEO. This is exactly the type of inspiration and insight that Iris Women was set up to share. What you gave us was something truly valuable." - Maria, Executive Strategy Director, Iris

"I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone open to understanding themselves and others better. Rachel was very professional and encouraging. She created a safe place to discuss real-life situations and discuss some vulnerable topics. I would highly encourage everyone at Iris to take this workshop." - Anonymous, Iris

"It's so inspirational to hear other women talk about their struggles with self-advocating and their perceptions of it - it makes you feel like you're not alone and gives you the confidence to go out there and give it a go." - Abigail, Strategist, Iris


“Rachel struck the perfect balance between practical and theoretical guidance. Here are some techniques and here's why they help.”

“This presentation helped me understand why I struggle with multi-tasking and the importance of being able to have time to focus, think, and enter into a work flow without distractions.”

“It was presented in a way that was more applicable than other time management tips I've seen

“Rachel provided actionable ways for our team to manage time more effectively with strategies that could be implemented right away.”

“I loved that this presentation preached the importance of working smarter, not harder. It made me realize I could accomplish more through strategic workflow hacks.”

“I thought this was an excellent presentation! Very informative and useful. All the topics covered related to my daily work.”

“The content was great and the presenter delivered it perfectly”

“It was helpful to gain practical tips on how to better manage my time.”

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