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Hi, I am Rachel E. Kourakos - the mind and soul behind Rachel Kourakos Coaching & Consulting (formerly rekognize)

I am a certified professional coach from iPEC (200+ hours of training), a master practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index, and have spent the last few years building this company in its current form. I work with people on a 1x1 basis as well as develop and facilitate workshop experiences for organizations, groups and teams, deliver keynotes on a broad range of topics and work with large organizations on leadership and culture consulting.

I am originally from New York and was living in London for 6.5 years before returning back to NYC, where I am currently based. My education and career background is in finance and real estate. I worked in multiple teams in investment banking at Morgan Stanley before moving to Google. While at Google, I built and managed a team focused on strategic planning and subsequently created a split role where I spent part of my time as the program manager for Google Cloud’s culture and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). My career has been a series of transitions, weaving through different corporate roles, each one bringing me closer to the purposeful life that I live and am continuously building. I love change and hope to empower and inspire others to feel the same. 

I am a leader, runner, speaker, reader, facilitator, sister, yogi, jewelry maker & designer, doodler, friend, foodie, traveller, teacher, student, critical thinker, and I love nothing more than to find humor and connection in our world. 

There is so much more that I would love to share with you and hope to have the opportunity to do so!

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