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I help people with change.

Whether you are going through a change, considering making a change or have gone through a change - I have got you covered. I am here to help you close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be. I partner with people to identify thought patterns, internal blockers, and conditioned perspectives that get in the way of achieving goals and leading authentic and fulfilling lives.

I have the expertise and you are the expert.

My expertise lies in taking high-performing individuals and groups to the next level by reconciling what was and what is, to understand the meaning and how to move forward. I do this by empowering people to look inward, raise consciousness of themselves and their belief systems in order to identify actionable plans to create a world filled with purpose and joy.

Some examples of transitions that people who I work with are going through.

Note this is absolutely non-exhaustive!

Personal power transitions

  • Wondering or knowing there is more out there

  • Finding more fulfillment and passion

  • Feeling misaligned or unsatisfied

  • Wanting to make a change but not knowing where to start

  • Individuals considering or re-considering decisions made or lifestyles chosen

  • Developing confidence & self-compassion

  • Building a stronger partnership

Situational transitions 

  • Moving to a new country

  • Identifying a new or different career path

  • Stepping into a leadership position

  • Becoming a manager

  • Building or growing a business or team

  • Beginning, ending or looking for a relationship

  • Starting a new job or endeavor

  • Teams going through transitions 

  • Founders developing company values and culture

I get it, you are busy. 

You run from one thing to the next just to start the cycle all over again the following day. I help people slow down to speed up - to take stock of the world around them, to raise awareness of their patterns and to connect into themselves in order to understand how all of that is influencing the world that they are creating. 

We will partner to create a vision, figure out what is getting in the way and develop actionable steps to get you where you want to be.

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