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Learn how to confidently convey who you are beyond what you do so that you can build real connections and achieve your career goals.

Your education and experience will only get you so far. Yes, I said it. Your education and experience are wonderful and absolutely important in helping you achieve your goals. But when you are trying to make moves in your career either by interviewing for job, building your network or smashing the client pitch or board meeting, they pretty much only get you into the room. Then what? What happens after you are in the room?

The most common mistake I see people make when introducing themselves is they regurgitate their resume and assume that their education and experience will speak for itself. They forget that they are talking to real humans who consciously or unconsciously make decisions based on emotional experiences created by the person in front of htem. They forget that the traditional way of presenting yourself via your resume does not create emotional connection and miss a massive opportunity to influence and win people over. They over index on what they did rather than how or why they did it, not to mention, who they became as a result of “doing” it, which leaves the reader to draw his or her own conclusions, to create their own version of your story.

So what is the remedy: You focus on showing up authentically and building connections. 

That is exactly what we are going to learn to do in the Reverse Resume Workshop!

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Tell your story in a way that ca[ptures who genuinely are 

  • Spark an emotional connection to the people in front of you by how you speak

  • Find the common thread in your narrative to develop a clear and compelling narrative

  • Share your story from a few different angles so that it is adaptable and appeals to different environments

  • Develop a clear compelling pitch which can bring together a varied and diverse experience / Develop a sharp pitch that is malleable to different situations (i.e. emphasize certain parts of that story)]

  • Show up as you are with confidence

  • Present yourself (in partnership with your resume, or not) to take your career to the next level

  • Uncover the hidden gems in your experience that enhance your narrative and showcase who you are

  • Hold yourself accountable to putting in intentional work on yourself and your career rather than putting it off 

  • Tips and tools to support your evolution through this transition 

  • Clearly articulate what you are actually trying to convey in everything that you present

  • Feel proud and excited about your ability to bring who you are to the table

Let me be clear, we are not getting rid of resumes. The traditional resume is helpful as it shows the amazing things you have done. However, employers, networks, clients and boards are no longer only looking at your education and experience to help them decide to invest in or partner with you. They are looking for that (*pretends to be french*)“je no se qua” element, that sparkle, that “pizaz” that distinguishes you from the other people or candidates. More and more, companies are redefining their hiring process to extract this information because the reality is, if you are generally smart and capable, you can learn almost anything. Companies are looking for more than a great education and practical experience. They are looking for a multi-dimensional person who can tackle our rapidly evolving world. 

So what if you were incredible at talking about your accomplishments and about who you are as a person? What if you were able to walk into a presentation, networking chat or interview and tell your story based on your values, rather than recite a laundry list of all you have done, so that no matter the situation, you could authentically connect yourself to the opportunity? That is what you will get from this workshop. The goal is not to have a new one pager showing who you are (although that is a great byproduct and could give you a competitive edge) but rather to help you uncover the inner you and find the words to dynamically articulate this with confidence. 

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